Children of Ain Issa receive the shine

The schools of Ain Issa and its rural areas opened their doors to children after seven years of school interruption, and the smiles and joy in their faces, with the reopening of schools and the start of the new school year.

More than 180 schools and more than 50,000 students have opened in Ein Aissa and its rural areas

Where thousands of students went to school this morning amidst an atmosphere of joy that flooded their faces with their return to school after seven years of deprivation as a result of mercenary practices, which ended the educational life in the region as a whole.

Ain Issa alone received 3 schools more than 1500 students in the primary and preparatory stage have been registered so far and parents are still come to school administrations to register their children.

The teachers,Education Committee and the management of the educational complex challenged all obstacles and problems and despite the difficult conditions and the many shortcomings, they overcame them and opened their schools.


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