HomemanshetCivilians of Raqqa city are under fire from ISIS again

Civilians of Raqqa city are under fire from ISIS again

In the early hours of the morning, the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces foiled an attack by two ISIS groups, on Mashlb neighborhood and Raqqa Samraa village to terrorize the civilians by shooting at their houses and the concentration points of SDF to relieve the pressure of besieged ISIS mercenaries  inside city center.

 They urging their sleeping cells in Mashlab and Raqqa Samraa  which began firing indiscriminately on civilian homes.

The fighters of SDF confronted the attack in the early morning and killed a number of attackers.

Our forces continue to pursue the remnants of the mercenaries in  Mashlab district and Raqqa Samraa and protect civilians, a number of our fighters were wounded and others were martyred.



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