Cleaners: Ain Isa is a mirror of AL-Raqqa city to the world

The cleanness is of the culture of each society, every clean society is a civilized society, it is the mirror of the world society reflects his ethics and thought, cleanliness is the nature of each individual in the community is the responsibility of every citizen living in this community and must be shared by everyone.

Cleaners are the backbone of a clean society. They contribute to the good image of the community. They work tirelessly for long hours under the hot sun in summer, in the rain and cold in winter to remove all the waste in the streets, public facilities, hospitals and everywhere the citizen is served.

Based on the importance of cleanliness, the municipality of Ein Issa gave the cleanliness special importance, and endeavored to make every effort to make the town of Ain Issa a typical town, despite the limited potential that the Municipality has with the support of AL-Raqqa Civil Council.

 It is a number of workers and a vehicle dedicated to transporting the dirt outside the town. A group of workers working daily without interruption and under the supervision of the municipality on all the streets of the town.

It is worth mentioning that the difficulties faced by the Municipality are the lack of cars to transport the dirt and t

he lack of containers distributed in the town, and the lack of financial support for the disbursement of workers’ salaries. The municipality appealed to the supporting parties to provide more support to solve these problems.


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