HomemanshetDefeat suicide attack by motorcycle in Shaddadi

Defeat suicide attack by motorcycle in Shaddadi

SDF, in cooperation with the Asayish forces, foiled an attack by a group of mercenaries on the concentration of Syrian Democratic Forces on the new bridge at the entrance to the eastern city of Shaddadi

Yesterday, 19/9/2017, a suicide bomber group consisting of four elements on two motorcycles attempted to attack one of the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces’ .

Asayish forces’ fighters responded to this attack with the support of Syrian Democratic Forces fighters at the new Shaddadi Bridge at the eastern entrance of the city.
The attack killed four suicide bombers and wounded a member of the Asayish forces Three civilian bodies, who were working as civilian guards, were found on the Shaddadi gas plant and no one was known to have been killed. Were they suicide bombers themselves or others? All the troops stationed in Al-Shaddadi city have been mobilized and the motorcycles have been banned.



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