Directorate of Education in Manbaj: 282 schools distributed between the city and villages

After the preparation and rehabilitation of schools in Manbj in cooperation with the local council,the new academic year began on 10/9/2017.

Where the educational complex in the city of Manbj appointed teachers in schools and the completion of the appointment of teachers in the countryside Manbj and is now work to complete the appointment of teachers within the city of Manbj, where the number of teachers appointed in Manbj 1966 teacher and miss.

Jalila Sayd the supervisor of the educational congregation, said that the congregation has produced five training courses for teachers. The number of schools in Manbaj and its villages reached 282, of which 35 are in the city. The number of students is not accurate, because there are still new numbers of students on a daily basis.

Jalila confirmed that the congregation is currently studying the project of supplying schools with prefabricated rooms to accommodate the increasing numbers of students. The college is also studying the possibility of opening a school in Manbaj camp.





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