Education Committee: call up with start of academic year

With the beginning of the opening of schools and the reception of the first academic year after liberation from mercenaries and after years of absence in the darkness of ignorance and darkness that covered the community and tried to blur the intellectual and educational identity and with the influx of children and teachers of schools to return children to the seats of science with the laughter of children.

In Ain Issa the first year with all activity and optimism, where Ajil Al-Eidan, Chairman of the Education Committee in Self-Administration confirmed that the Committee rehabilitated existing schools and equipped with all the supplies of seats and blackboards in addition to the processing of heaters and the processing of water reservoirs, as well as restoration of the role of water.
The committee also supervised teacher training courses in the rural areas of Al-Raqqa, where the committee supervised a training course held in Ain Issa town and supervised the new course in the village of Al-Hisha and its suburbs.

The committee is working on distributing teachers to schools and counting students, in addition implementing the new curriculum prepared by the Self-Administration. In the meantime, he appealed to the concerned authorities and Raqqa Civil Council to extend a helping hand to overcome the difficulties that may face.


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