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Ein Issa camp kitchen: We have not stopped providing our services to emigrants

Al-Raqqa Civil Council supervises the camp and provides support to it, especially the foodstuffs that are handed over to the camp’s kitchen administration, which is supervised by Abd Alnasir Hamed the board member of the camp.

Where there is one main kitchen in the camp and 32 sub-kitchens through which the meal is distributed, and 25 people work voluntarily from 8 am to 7 pm. Every day around 5000 bundle of bread and supplies are delivered to the camp’s warehouses

The kitchen serves daily a main meal distributed to 32 sub-kitchen in the camp, which oversees each kitchen Komin distributed to those in the unit under his supervision, and sub-kitchens equipped to serve displaced persons within the housing units.

He pointed to the existence of some difficulties that delay the work in the kitchen, which is being processed and treated gradually, where the management of the camp provides services to 8000 people and today exceeded the number of 12000 displaced and this number is increasing continuously for the increase of arrivals and displaced from Deir Al-Zour.

Despite the increasing numbers, the camp administration did not stop providing its services to the expatriates to the extent possible, in an effort  from the council and the people to stand with their displaced brothers.


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