Election campaign for the Cominians in Ain Issa and its suburbs

Elections are the primary means by which people are able to participate in the management of public affairs, which is a human right. Throughout history, humanity has been involved in involving individuals in community decisions

In the north of Syria, elections will be held to select the Communes on the 22nd of this month. The High Commission has met with the Education Committee to instruct the teachers to supervise the electoral process.

Zulikha Abdi, the co-chair of self-management at the meeting, stressed the role of teachers in overseeing the electoral process and the need for each person to take his role in society.

As for the election, Abdi said that the number of candidates in Ein Issa and the villages is 1000 candidates. The meeting will be at 5 am in front of the municipality and at eight o’clock in the morning. All the ballot boxes will be opened in Ein Issa and rural areas. three teachers will supervise the electoral center. The election will be in a secret room and the room is surrounded by a cover, and the election will be marked with a correct or wrong name on the candidate.

 It is worth mentioning that the regime is trying to sabotage and disrupt the elections so he blew up in the city of Qamishli killed a child five years old.

These elections will be the way to build a free democratic Syria, far from sectarianism.



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