Essential Protection: Citizens’ comfort and security are our goal

The issue of safeness and safety is one of the most important issues of concern to all citizens in areas liberated from ISIS.

Abu Laila, head of the community protection forces ( Essential protection), stressed that, based on the keenness of the Civil Council on the security and stability of citizens, the Council formed the community protection forces of the People’s House in Ain Issa. The force consists of 48 elements, Working 24 hours to serve the citizens and protect them.

This force is distributed as follows: 20 elements to protect Ein Issa camp from any external threats, organizing and managing the camp, solving the problems in which it takes place and controlling any violation, 12 elements to protect AL-Raqqa Civil Council and organize the entry and exit.

The other individuals are distributed on the west and east of the town. Night from 9 pm to 6 am to protect the town from any external threat and all this in coordination with the Internal Security Forces.

Abu Laila pointed out that in addition to all these actions, this force is supporting all the security and administrative forces of the council of Ain Issa, such as organizing the roles in the gas stations and furnaces and resolving the dispute between the people. In the context of the talk, Abu Laila said that this force consists of volunteers from the people of the province of Raqqa and the elements attached to a military training course on weapons and physical exercise for 15 days.


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