HomemanshetEuphrates Dam: Work is under way to rehabilitate the dam

Euphrates Dam: Work is under way to rehabilitate the dam

After years of control of daesh organization on Al-Raqqa and extend its control over its resources to support and finance the project, and after every defeat received, deliberately to sabotage all public and private property through bombing or booby-trapped.

The Euphrates dam is back to work again after tried to get it out of action by destroying the main control room and destroying many machines.

After Syrian Democratic Forces took over Al-Tabqa city, which tried to preserve the dam and remove it from the cycle of war, today its turbines begins to generate electricity after intensifying efforts with hard and continuous work to repair it as soon as possible.

Eng. Ali Al-Rawi, Director General of the Euphrates Dam said: “We are trying with our simple means to repair the damage caused, where two 100-megawatt turbines have been rehabilitated. Two other will be worked in two days.

The main network of electricity destroyed with its towers is being rehabilitated. Demining organizations are being contacted to try cleaning, so that our workshops can work without danger in the whole body of the dam.

The capacity of the dam today after rehabilitation is generate 300 MW will feed the rural areas, and we are working to connect the Euphrates dam with Tishreen dam to distribute electricity equally to the region.

At the end, he said that we are working at full speed and fully alert to work to repair the damages in the dam and the network to reach electricity to each house in the liberated areas.



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