Farhan Haj Issa: Syrian Democratic Forces hope for all Syrians

The Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces received 80 members of the regime’s clan army, who fled from AL-Buhamd and al-Sabkha area after the attack by mercenaries of ISIS by the car bombs and explosive belts on the area,they were received by the office and the tribal leaders.

Sheikh Hamad Shehadeh welcomed the elements and said: “These young men are our brothers and our sons were in the tribal army, which is fighting ISIS in the ranks of the regime. These are our sons from all the Syrian provinces.

As the Sheikh said, “We are not in Turkey, we are in Syria, we are discussing our Syria cause, we are the owners of the land, because we have given blood of martyrs,”

Farhan Haj Issa, a member of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said: “Syria’s Democratic Forces have received all the components, including those young men who fled from ISIS, came to us and we are provided them with all facilities.Syrian Democratic Forces are a hope for all the Syrians.

He said to the fugitives: You are our sons and our mission is your help and care because you did not come to a stranger, but you came to your family Syrian  Democratic Forces, which is a hope for all Syrians.

Thirty-five young members of the clan army joined the Syrian Democratic Forces.



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