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YPG Media center reveals the loss of one of its media cadres during his coverage for the liberation campaign of Raqqa.

YPG Media center issued a written statement on its official website in which it revealed the record of one of its media cadres (Firas Dagh), who was martyred during his coverage of the clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS mercenaries, as part of the liberation campaign.

Who is Shahid Firas Dagh?

Mohammad Aksoy,he was born in the Bystan district in Baquor, northern Kurdistan, grew up in London after his family emigrated to Europe at a young age. Since he was a young man, he struggled against capitalism and worked as a human rights activist asking for the rights of the Kurdish people.

As for his scientific life, the media center said: “Our comrade Firas was studying the profession of direction, while he was taking courses in literature. He also prepared a number of short films, printed a number of short stories and translated a collection of poetry, and published all these on his website Kurdish Question.

Firas also made the Kurdish Question website, which dealt with a wide range of issues related to the freedom of the Kurdish people and other matters concerning human rights, and he himself managed it

Pursuing the martyrs’ approach prompted him to participate in Rojava Revolution

After the bombing of the Turkish occupation army jets to Mount Karajukh, which resulted in the martyrdom of a number of media cadres of the People’s Protection Units, Firas with great determination to come to Roj Ava and fill the vacuum of the martyrs of the media and continue their path in delivering their message to the world.

Firas has been involved in the dissemination of news and the work of short films about the People’s Protection Units in the English section of the official website of the People’s Protection Units. The outside world shared the reality of what is happening on the ground

In the end, Firas turned his camera lens to the two campaigns in which the People’s Protection Units participated to expel the remnants of mercenaries from Deir Ezzor and its main stronghold in Raqqa in the Syrian North. Here he monitored the movements of the fighters and their relentless resistance to terrorism and presented them with a moment and The outside world is in English.

His testimony:

The media center said that on the morning of September 26, as a result of a violent attack by mercenaries on the sites of the YPG, our media colleague Firas Dagh has risen to the rank of martyrdom.

At the end of the statement, YPG Media Center promised to follow in the footsteps of their beloved comrade Firas Dagh and set out on his path to convey the message he had fought for.



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