From farmer fighter with SDF

His house was mined, he was imprisoned on false charges, he was subjected to whipping in the public squares, he was forced to constantly review the organization, he saw the suffering of his family and the people of his village by mercenaries before his eyes.

This is a rural, simple farmer that does not give any important for the life things, and today he is one of the fighters in the front lines of the battle for the liberation of AL-Raqqa, he and his compatriots in the SDF to rid the people of the oppression of mercenaries .

Hassan Musa al-Mustafa, nicknamed Abu Ali, born in AL Tabqa  1980 from the village of Safsafa, which suffered like all the cities and villages occupied by the elements of the ISIS and practiced on the people the worst forms of oppression and oppression,

The fighter Hassan said that from the first moment to liberate him from ISIS joined to the SDF, whose goal is to liberate man and land from oppression and injustice everywhere, and to rid his family from ISIS.

Hassan talked about how to put a mine in his house and force him not to remove it

he was arrested and subjected to all kinds of torture in prison for 15 days and flogged in public squares for obstructing their work, and forced to review them every week for interrogation.

 Hassan in his high spirits with his comrades fighting mercenaries in the neighborhoods of the city of Raqqa to rid the people and liberate them say we will build the country destroyed by the ISIS..Hassan wished all young people the initiative to join the Syrian democratic forces because it is the way to rid our people in Al-Raqqa and other areas of ISIS.



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