From the study seats to the first front lines

The city of Raqqa, with its streets crowded with collapsible buildings and the bodies of the martyrs, witnessed the birth of a new era with the youth

Zanarin Amoda, one of the YPJ fighters, preferred to join the campaign to liberate al-Raqqa because ISIS injustice done on society in general and to women in particular.

She was 18 years old when she joined the YPJ forces and left behind her childhood dreams and school books. Preferring to take up arms against terrorism on the front lines.

Although it is from the city of Amouda, but what she saw from the massacres of ISIS such the killing of civilians and representation of their bodies and atrocities led her to join with all strength and faith to the Rogava revolution

Zanarin says that she is happy now for join AL-Raqqa girls to liberated dozens of girls and join women’s protection units YPJ to free their sisters from blackness of ISIS.


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