Front combatants: We are protect the civilians

Many fighters left their homes and their families and joined the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces to lift the injustice of civilians and the killings and burning by a mercenary.

Akl Hassoud al-Idlabi, a fighter in the Syrian Democratic Forces, who left his family in Idlib and joined the ranks of the fighters with SDF,

To lift the injustice from the people of Al-Raqqa city and to liberate civilians and rid them of abomination, and says that he tasted the injustice of the second arm of ISIS the Jabhat Al Nosra, which oppress civilians and injustice them.

His mission in the front is to protect the fighters and civilians who flee from the duress and confirm that he continues his work until victory over ISIS.

Abu Abdo al-Sheikh, the head of the front fighting in the front lines, said that I came from Manbaj and joined the Menbaj military council to liberate our people in Raqqa and the surrounding areas from the oppression of mercenaries, urging those who instilled terror in the hearts of the citizens. My task in the front is to distribute the fighters on the points of Rabat and inspect them and give them instructions so that Are not at risk or hurt and also deliver civilians to the safe areas.






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