Furnaces Committee: Twenty kilns were equipped with machinery and equipment in the liberated areas

The Bakeries Committee of AL-Raqqa Civil Council provides support to the villages that are liberated from terrorism of ISIS, and provides the bread to people until the study of the status of the bakery in the area and work on its rehabilitation.

The Chairman of the Committee Mustafa Kader said that through the view of the reality of the furnaces in the areas that are free from ISIS be free of basic equipment and machinery after being stolen by ISIS gangs.

The Chairman of the Committee, Mustafa Kader, said that twenty kilns were equipped with equipment, and that they are now working to provide bread to all liberated areas under the supervision of the committee. .

Mustafa  Kader also confirmed that the kilns are supported by the Civil Council of AL-Raqqa with flour, yeast, salt and bags in addition to the fuel oil.

The committee supervises the ovens in terms of work mechanism, quality of bread, working hours and follow-up of accredited delegates to distribute bread in villages and neighborhoods.

Where the delegates are accredited by the queens and register the family books for people in the villages and neighborhoods and study them in detail to get the amount that each family deserves, and the kilns are provided with the quantities they need to produce bread and distribute them appropriately so there is no shortage in any area in addition to we allocate The amount of production in the town of Ain Issa for the benefit of the camp with the support of the Civil Council of ALRaqqa.



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