Health Committee: A medical tour in Ein Issa camp

In coordination with the Health Committee of AL-Raqqa Civil Cuncil, Mawda organization began a medical tour in Ein Issa camp, where she was acquainted with the health and service situation in the camp,the accompanying staff consulted of doctors, nurses and legal midwives

Where patients were received, examined and treated, and provided the necessary medication for their cases of diarrhea and minor injuries and some cases of burns and cases of women and the treatment of some children.

The medicines were distributed according to the guidelines of the specialized physicians through the pharmacy of the organization.

The organization is conducting special visits to several areas in cooperation with the Health Committee of the Civil Council of Al-Raqqa, through which the health situation in the liberated areas is examined and the injuries and cases that affect civilians are treated as they leave areas of ISIS.

The areas covered by the organization include the eastern and western Rifqa countryside: AL Tabka and its countryside,AL Jarniya,AL Karam ,Ain Issa, Manbaj and its suburbs.

It is worth mentioning that the work of the Organization is a humanitarian and voluntary work to serve the community.


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