HomedialogueHealth Committee prepares opening five health centers in rural Raqqa

Health Committee prepares opening five health centers in rural Raqqa

The Health Committee prepares five voluntary health centers in the rural areas of Raqqa. Each center consists of two doctors and a nursing staff of at least 18 nurses, midwives and anesthesiologists. These centers are distributed in the villages of rural Al-Raqqa, serving as much as possible.
The director of the Executive Committee of the Health Committee of Raqqa Civil Council, Joan, that these centers will work under the supervision of the Health Committee to cover all nearby villages within the possibilities, and through these health centers we can identify the density of population centers around the study of the most prevalent diseases transmitted epidemics, monitoring epidemics and collecting the necessary data.
He pointed out that the opening of these centers has been studied due to the absence of a hospital near Raqqa, and the distance to reach the nearest hospital due to the presence of diseases not waiting to stand, such as viral hepatitis, leishmaniasis and water pox, which spread frighteningly in the eastern countryside of Raqqa (AL-Samra Raqqa – Al Karama and the western countryside of Al-Raqqa).
He appealed international organizations to support them with medicines, vaccines and medical equipment.


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