Health side in the village of Kalata

The health problems are of concern to citizens, especially in the current war conditions experienced by the region, which have led to a severe shortage of medical personnel, medicines and ambulances and operations.

Some  health centers were equipped in the village of Al-Kalta, which is located in northern ALRaqqa and was more fortunate than the neighboring villages because there are many qualified medical people living there.

Dr. Darwish al-Khalaf, a village doctor, explained that the village has human, general, internal, pediatric, cardiac, dental staff, and midwives as well as a number of licensed pharmacies, a primary radiography center and a first aid center.

Dr. Al-Khalaf also pointed out that the health center in the village is currently being equipped. A rotating schedule of doctors and pharmacists was prepared to alleviate the suffering of the citizens.

However, Al-Khalaf pointed out that there is a shortage of medicines for tuberculosis, cancer, asthma, tetanus, so called on aid organisations to provide medicines to avoid shortages.


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