HomedialogueIraq’s refugees and their suffering under the rules of the ISIS mercenaries

Iraq’s refugees and their suffering under the rules of the ISIS mercenaries

Maher al-Murshid from al-Bayat in the province of Salah al-Din is now resorting in the camp of Ain Issa spoke to us about their suffering and the journey of refuge said” year and half ago, a mercenary of ISIS seizure of Salah al-Din province. Our people lived in this period in fear and terror because of their practices of random arrests, where they were arrested by mercenaries on the grounds that my cousin was not reported by the National Guard. They took me and tortured me.

When I was released, my mother and I went from Bayat to Mosul and from there to Ajaj and Boukamal. We stayed for a week and then we met a person who took us to AL-Kasraat area.And we were apprehended by mercenaries they say(We will recruit you into our ranks), they threatened to kill me but they saw me with my mother alone so they let us to go away.

Then another smuggler gave us a dirt road about 150 kilometers long. We took this distance through three cars and each car took a whole amount of money to escape from a mercenary. When we arrived at the headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, they welcomed us and gave us all the necessary food,drink and a place for sleeping and then we were taken to Ein Issa camp

Where we were given a tent and means of living and gave us the necessary support and the treatment was good”.



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