Jihan Sheikh Ahmed: 65 percent of the city of Raqqa is liberated

The official spokeswoman of the operations room of the Qazab Euphrates Jihan Sheikh Ahmed said in a statement that 65 percent of the city of Raqqa is edited and includes 14 neighborhoods of the editor and they give this victory to the martyrs and their families on the occasion of Eid, and  she said that the big gift will be the liberation of AL-Raqqa completely of mercenaries

The statement said:

“In the name of the Syrian Democratic Forces  fighters of  Qazab al Euphrates on the fronts we congratulate Our steadfast people on Eid al-Adha and declare to our people the liberation of the old neighborhood of Raqqa and the neighborhood of Diriyah, which was one of the strongest castles to ISIS. Our forces achieved another victory in the campaign of the Qazab Euphrates in its great battle is liberated 65% the city of Al-Raqqa . 14 of neighborhoods is  liberated. some of them, Al-Sabahia, the Romania  Quarter, Hittin district, Al-Kareem district, Al-Qadisiya district, Yarmouk district, district Pattani (old city including  Mansoura neighborhood and Rafiqa) and DiriyahAnd 6 neighborhoods are still ongoing clashes, which are “Al-Mouror neighborhood , AL Breed district , AL-Amen neighborhood ,AL-Nahdaa  neighborhood , AL-Raoda and Rumaila”

This victory is the gift of our martyrs to his people, and the greatest gift will be the liberation all city of AL-Raqqa.

In the spirit of the leader Jodi , Ghorib Walat and Comrade the hero Abu Amjad , we will continue our march of freedom until the goal is achieved. Nothing will stop us in following up our martyrs’ approach and the path that they have embarked on and sacrificing their best for Syria. We pledge our people that we will not rest until we see our homeland enjoy peace and stability

Every year we are guided by our martyrs

Every year our fighting people are our strength and our support

 The eternity of our martyrs.martyrs of liberty and dignity

Every year, humanity is a thousand good

 Syria lived free

 Lived the struggle of our steadfast people



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