Military declaration 

SDF are winning great victories against  ISIS in Raqqa and Deir al-Zour,as terrorism approaches its inevitable end, some parties are trying to create obstacles to the progress of our forces and try to vainly prolong the life of ISIS for goals and projects that donot serve the Syrian people, and works to waste the energies that must be against terrorism and thus threaten the security of the region and open the way to side conflicts aimed at aborting the struggle against the  ISIS and create sedition. this area was liberated from the ISIS and the fighting is still continuing to clear it completely terrorism of ISIS .

We condemn and strongly disapproval this aggressive attack and call on the aggressors to stop these attacks, which serve only terrorists and terrorism.

We affirm that these attacks will not discourage our resolve in the war against terrorism and that our progress in the region will continue until the entire region is cleared of the abomination of terrorism .

September 16, 2017

General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces



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