HomemanshetMilitary statement to public opinion

Military statement to public opinion

At the same time, our troops, the forces of the Deir al-Azor military council, have made great progress in pursuing the remnants of the terrorist organization, and the campaign of Asefat AL-jazeera that we had announced to liberate al-Jazeera  and eastern Euphrates from mercenaries has taken place. For the second time, Russian forces attacked the vanguards of our advancing forces On the ground, at the site of the Koniku gas field northeast of Dair Alzour, striking all our people’s dreams of freedom from terrorism.

The treacherous attack carried out by the Russian airliner on behalf of the Syrian regime caused losses among our forces, killing one of our fighters and injuring two others, as well as causing material damage to the field’s infrastructure.

Our forces carry out their military operations in coordination with the international coalition, and we have always avoided collisions with other forces in order to preserve the energies that must unite in the trench of fighting terrorism and pursuing the remnants of terrorists.

While we condemn in the strongest terms this treacherous attack on our forces in the Koniku gas field, which serves only terrorism and hampers efforts to combat it, we affirm our right to self-defense and that our forces will not stand idly by in response to this aggression.

Likewise, we call on the Russian Federation to play its role commensurate with its size and to abandon its hostile attitude towards the peoples of this region and its heroic forces fighting terrorism.

Syria lived a free democracy
Glory and eternity to our martyrs
The shame to terrorism and its supporters

The official spoksweman of Asefat AL-Jazeera campaign
25 September 2017

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