HomemanshetMilitary statement

Military statement

On behalf of the General Command of the Deir Al-Azuor Military Council, we announce the launching of “Al-Jazeera Storm” campaign, which aims to liberate the rest of the Syrian and eastern Euphrates lands from terrorist daesh and to clean up the rest of the eastern Deir Al-Alzour countryside.
In the same time of collapsing the terrorist organization approaches its inevitable end in Raqqa city, and the Syrian Democratic forces are laying the myths of heroism and redemption with success in liberating seventy percent of the city, gangs of daesh are attempting to launch attacks on AL-Shaddadi and the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Zour in a desperate attempt to raise The morale of its forces in Raqqa. Therefore, we in the Deir al-Azur military council decided to start this decisive campaign, which stems from the spirit of responsibility we feel towards our brothers in Raqqa, and it’s the duty towards our people on the Syrian Al-Jazeera in general and the eastern suburb of Deir Al-Zour especially, in addition to who is waiting for this historic moment with impatience.
On this great occasion, we appeal our people in the region to get around our forces and join their ranks in order to eliminate terrorism and save our people from injustice. We also call on them to stay away from the terrorists’ centers. We assure that we will do our utmost to ensure that the civilians are not harmed.
We also greet Syrian Democratic Forces for their support and participation in this campaign. We also thank the international coalition forces for their support to our forces, both land and air. The morale of our forces is high and ready to achieve victory.

Glory to our martyrs
Syria lived a free democracy
Long live the brothers of peoples
Shame and disgrace to terrorists and enemies of humanity
9 September 2017
General Command of Deir Al-Zour Military Council

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