Ongoing clashes in neighborhoods inside Raqqa

On the 110th day of Raqqa liberation campaign, SDF  is liberating more neighborhoods accompanied with heavy engagements

According to the information from the battlefields, there is heavy clashes between SDF and ISIS in Amin and Hinni neighborhood, Naem and Dallah roundabout in the city center of Raqqa.

There has been fierce clashes in Nahda nieghborhood west of city center,accordingly SDF could move forward to Imam Al-nawawi mosque. In the north of Raqqa, there are engagments in Andalus neighborhood

There were casualties within ISIS ranks in the aforementioned neighborhood we could not get the exact numbers.

During the engagements in the aforementioned areas, SDF special forces could liberate 35 civilian and shifted them to the safest areas.



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