HomedialogueRed Crescent and its importance in combat fronts 

Red Crescent and its importance in combat fronts 

The Kurdish Red Crescent provides services to citizens and fighters on the combat fronts and receives difficult tasks, especially in the current circumstances of the war and areas of dangerous clashes and work in the front lines where the point consists of an integrated work staff are distributed according to their functions and consists of staff from:

-The team leader is responsible for the distribution of tasks and actions for everyone who works at this point.

– A surgeon is a supervisor of operations at the point.

– Nurses are distributed according to specialties and two alternates in the ambulance department.

 -Five drivers are distributed at the point with a special car for fronts.

Munir Habib, Medical Center Official of the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization in the eastern front said that the main objective is to address the civilians stranded in the areas of fronts and clashes and areas where a mercenary plant mines in it.

we receive approximately in day 15 injured from the fronts besieged by the mercenary, where the patient is secured in the first case, and if his condition is difficult, we transfer him to Koubani hospital or Tal Aebyad.



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