Rehabilitation 300 schools in preparation for academic year in Manbej

The education wheel in Manbej has returned to work after the city’s Education Committee exceeded the difficulties. It was able to return 300 schools after a break of more than four years in the city.

Where the Committee of Education in the democratic civil administration of Manbej provided all the school supplies located in the city and its countryside to be ready to receive children in the new academic year 2017-2018.

It was able to rehabilitate 40 schools in the city, as well as 260 schools in the countryside to be ready for the new academic year.

On the other hand, the Education Committee provided all the supplies needed by the school of stationery, books and chairs in addition to clean all schools that open the doors to education.

Where the number of students in this year 80 thousand students and the number can increase because of the return of the people to Manbej after the stability and security in the city.

A committee for the appointment of teachers and agents was set up in cooperation between the Education Committee and the Educational Complex. The committee is preparing this week to appoint teachers and agents in the countryside only, so that this appointment is based on the rules and laws taking into account the appointment of experts and certificates.

It should be noted that the Education Committee has held training courses for the rehabilitation. And there is a test for teachers.

The Education Committee in Manbej seeks to have this year distinguished from all aspects without obstacles or problems for schools and students.


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