Rehabilitation of AL-Salhabia bridge in rural of AL-Raqqa

After the liberation of countryside of AL-Raqqa from mercenaries and the formation of the Civil Council of AL-Raqqa, the Council worked on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of important infrastructure to be the basis for building a unified society and developed.

Where the Civil Council of AL-Raqqa,  in cooperation with the local council of Tabqqa rehabilitated the bridge of ALslhabia located on the channel Balikh, east of the city of AL Tabqqa in 20km.

ISIS Destroyed the bridge of ALsalhabia After the control of the Syrian Democratic forces on the village of Mahmudli and the surrounding villages,

In order to impede the progress of Syrian democratic power towards tenderness.

This bridge is of great importance because it is located on the road linking Al-Raqqa with its western suburbs and also connects it with  Tabqqa and Manbaj,

When SDF advanced towards the town of Sahlabiya on 15/5/2017, it was quickly repaired to be a road for the crossing of forces to liberate the city of Raqqa

Now the bridge is ready to receive cars and trucks,The bridge cut short distances for people to reach their destination.









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