HomedialogueSheda Kobane: The Revolution of Rojava is the revolution of a free woman

Sheda Kobane: The Revolution of Rojava is the revolution of a free woman

 Sheda Kobane is a fighter from Kobane City who participates in the liberation campaign of Raqqa, she has a self-confidence to fight against terrorism. Sheda is no more than twenty years old and plays her role as a woman fighting with her munitions, weapons and thought. She is fighting against all types of terrorism, which the ISIS has exercised in the society in general and against women in particular, explaining the injustices that women suffered from torture and oppression to dignity and thought. Sheda showed how she was affected by the unique women’s protection units highly around the world. She has played the leading and important role in liberating the regions from terrorism.

The real woman is the woman who fights  and the liberation of women from the slavery of the house.  She was always imposed what she disliked from marriage and robbery her most basic rights. Sheda remembers at every moment that she fights the martyrs who sacrificed their blood for freedom and takes her strength from them as a woman of liberation and freedom.

She wishes that every woman will get her freedom and that she fights for a noble goal   for and liberating all the Yezidi women whose freedom was taken by the ISIS. Sheda recalls the battles of the SDF against the ISIS and heroines that fighters do in the battle of liberating the Raqqa City from the dirt of terrorism that has created corruption and injustice in the city.

Sheda stressed that every day the land is liberated and human beings are liberated from the oppression of the darkness and terrorism with the participation of women who play an important role in this revolution.  The revolution of Rojava is the revolution of free womenزthe revolution of free women.


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