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Staff  of Tourism and Antiquities visits archaeological sites in Raqqa

The co- Presidency of Tourism and Antiquities, Brikan Younis, and the Joint Vice- Presidency  of AL-Jazeera province Rustam Abdo visited the antiquities of Raqqa city , including Bab Baqdad, museum and the Qasor AL-Banat(girl’s palace) on the eastern side of the city of Raqqa ,which is their first visit to the city to see the status of the antiquities and the development of a mechanism to protect it and restore what was destroyed by the ISIS.

They have confirmed the safety of  Bab Baghdad,AL-Soor (TheWall) and Qasor AL-Banat in spite of the destruction around them, but those buildings have not lost anything and are still as they were.

While their next visit to the museum, which witnessed its building was a ruin on the western side and a fire in the back and stolen all the antique from it, which was an old collection of more than six thousand pieces and is now missing and has stolen the plant plate is one of the four paintings in the front hall of the museum.

The mercenaries turned the museum into a restaurant, but this indicates something that reflects their reaction to history and civilization, and an attempt to erase the history of the people and distort it.

She confirmed that what was Raqqa witnessed is an attack to erase the history and as Antiquities Authority, they will make efforts to return the stolen monuments and to restore the damage caused by ISIS in those buildings.

She also said that a visit will be made to review the status of both the palace of Heraclius and the old mosque.



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