State Property Body establishes Agricultural Research Center in eastern Raqqa

The Economic Committee in Raqqa Civil Council, which consists of co-presidency and three members, is responsible for the protection of public property from infringement and loss. It also works to grant licenses to industrial establishments and agricultural lands in addition to supervises the work of factories and industrial facilities belonging to the public sector.

The co-president of the committee, Abdullah Al-Hamoud, said that the body is composed of experts in public property, real estate and construction. Its mission is to preserve public facilities from fruit trees, government buildings, factories and quarries.

As we have appointed guards on these public facilities and officials to irrigate the trees in the countryside of Raqqa.The committee tours field to see the violations of public facilities and main roads such as the road to Al-Thoura Raqqa road – Al- Thoura south of the Euphrates River.

Al-Hamoud confirmed that the Body grants agricultural and industrial licenses to farmers and industrialists. The committee also conducts tours of abandoned buildings and shops on the sidewalk and works to educate citizens to preserve public property through signs suspended in the streets.

Al-Hamoud explained that they suffer from a lack of mechanisms, irrigation methods and some agricultural mechanisms. He pointed out that there are violations from citizens on public properties that are being remedied.


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