Statement to public opinion

In conjunction with the approaching announcement of the liberation of the capital city of Raqqa alleged terrorist ISIS organization and the declaration of the military Deir al-Zour, the campaign of Asefat AL-jazeera to liberate the city of Deir al-Zour and its countryside, which was able to heroic and in a record time to liberate hundreds of villages and small cities, and the salvation of thousands of women and children and elderly and innocent of the oppression of the terrorist organization, all in coordination and partnership with our allies in the International Alliance

At the time of our people in Deir al-Zour announced the establishment of their civil council to carry out their duties towards the liberated areas and with the high frequency of battles that led to the collapse of morale of ISIS and heavy losses and the liberation of the largest oil fields Koniku, and although we avoided to collide with non-members of the terrorist organization, as a supporting act of terrorism and for the second time to shelling our forces in this eara to reduce our progress and reduce the pressure on the elements of ISIS terrorism.

We are in the Democratic Council of Syria condemn this blatant and supportive attack by Russia on our forces and demand that they commit themselves to their role in supporting our role in the fight against terrorism, We call upon the international community and our allies in the international coalition to pressure Russia to stop such attacks, which further complicate the Syrian disaster. The biggest loser is the Syrian people.

Mercy to our martyrs and the speedy recovery of our wounds and victory for our heroic forces.

Syrian Democratic Council


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