HomemanshetStatement to the public opinion:

Statement to the public opinion:

Since the beginning of the formation of Al-Raqqa Civil Council, it works across all its members according to a serious plan of action, including education, where the slogan of education first.
During the work of the Education Committee in the Council under the chairmanship of Mr. Ammar al-Hussein in the village of Kabash, a landmine of deash led to the martyrdom of our colleague when he was visiting the school to start work in the new school year, giving his spirit cheap to teach our children as volunteer in his effort and work.
And we in Al-Raqqa Council, we pay tribute to you martyr the teacher “Ammar Hussein”, assuring you and his pure spirit that we will work to achieve what our martyr believes and what he dreamed of in education and construction.
Greetings to your pure soul
Glory and immortality to our martyrs
Long live a free democratic Syria
Al-Raqqa Civil Council
Ain Issa

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