HomemanshetStorm pulls out root of terrorism in Al-Jazeera

Storm pulls out root of terrorism in Al-Jazeera

The forces of AL-Jazeera storm campaign made rapid progress towards Deir AL-Zour, where the fighters demonstrated the high combat efficiency, the speed of maneuver and the suddenness, that made daesh unable to confront thefighters.
The Desert Storm campaign was able to achieve significant relative progress on the first day of the campaign by liberating Al-Arabidi village on the main road on the Abu Faz Deir Al-Zour axis, as well as controlling the al-Ajayf heights – south of the village.
The factions of the campaign also liberated Al-Malha villages and liberated the fields of oil wells in that region in addition to expel the remnants of the terrorist organization away.
The Syrian Democratic Forces announced this morning the ninth of September on the campaign of Al-Jazeera storm to liberate the remaining area of ​​Al-Jazeera and the left bank of the Euphrates River from the grip of daesh.


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