Supply Committee: Determines expired materials and violates their owners

The Committee of Supply and inspectors in Ain Issa  organized a regular patrol, which included the head of the Supply Committee Ibrahim Rashid Al-Ali to follow up the complaints of citizens in the town of Ain Issa, related to the cards of the mall granted by humanitarian organizations working in cooperation with the Civil Council of AL-Raqqa towards owners of malls approved by the organization and follow up their work,in terms of selling at a plus price and selling expired materials and not to announce prices, where the official legal procedures were taken against all the owners of stores and impose fees and fines for each violator.

Where the head of the Supply Committee, Ibrahim Rashid Al-Ali to verify the authenticity of the invoices existing with the seller and buyer and study the profits of the seller and the prices that the seller and the owner of the mall.

During the tour, Noufa AL-Azeeb one of the residents of Ain Issa filed a complaint directly against the owner of the mall who had bought him a box of sweetness returned to the mall because of expiry.

Where the Chairman of the Committee Ibrahim Rashid Al Ali verified the complaint and then the legal action was taken against the owner of the center of the mall and his violation of the sale of the corrupt material, in the

amount of 50 thousand Syrian pounds and the confiscation of the entire quantity existing, and give him a warning in the event of repeated violation..

Noufa thanked the head of the committee and his staff for their work in monitoring citizens’ affairs and monitoring the markets.



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