HomemanshetTakeover more weapons and ammunition at AL-Soor town

Takeover more weapons and ammunition at AL-Soor town

Asefat Al-Jazeera campaign, launched on 9 September, continues to progress on all fronts amid violent clashes between Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS mercenaries.

Where the four axises of the campaign moved forward

At AL-Soor town center, northeast of Deir al-Zour, the combing operation continues in the town, which was seized by SDF earlier and seized: Hummer vehicle / 4 armored vehicles / car bomb / 5 AK-47 / 82 caliber mortar / in addition to the occurrence of 6 bodies of mercenaries prodded by the hands of the fighters.

In the center of the town of Markada, the Syrian Democratic Forces’ fighters continue to advance amid violent clashes in which a mortar shell was destroyed for mercenaries and four mercenaries were killed during the clashes.

The fighters at the axises of the industrial zone of Deir al-Zour and the village of Jazrat also continue to move forward, and there is no accurate information on the extent of the losses suffered by the mercenaries.



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