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Tal Abyad: Whiteness after darkness of the ISIS

Tal Abyad is a city in Raqqa Province and is on the border with Turkey. It has is great importance in the north of Syria because of its strategic location that links the entire northern regions of Syria and there is a border crossing with Turkey, which was closed by the Turkish authorities after the liberation of the city By the SDF in an effort to put pressure on the civilians .

At the beginning of the Syrian events and after the Syrian regime came out of the city and the factions of the Free Army and Ahrar al-Sham and their followers managed to control it. Then the city and its villages were subjected to the rule of the ISIS in 2013I. It was exposed to slaughter, murder, horror and injustice. The ISIS tried to implant the ideas of ignorance in the minds of the children and teach them to slaughter and to kill and to ban them from school because they are infidel schools and fight youth by arresting them for months in a prison where there is torment indescribably .

The women of the city suffered as men by depriving them of their most basic rights and robbing them of their personality and they were marginalized. Among the crimes the ISIS did was the expulsion of Kurds from the city and taking their property after the arrest of dozens of them. The city was living a tragic life and the dead bodies did not leave the city streets. The charges against the civilians were various and they were arrested from dealing with hostile parties to unbelief and apostasy and out of Islam. Thus, the city lived in its black days despite its name is Abyad (White). The movement of community stopped and all institutions that concern the lives of citizens stopped and schools and education stopped on the charge that schools are the infidel teachings and other false pretexts that indicate their ignorance.

The signs of spring came as the SDF approached the city and the city breathed a sigh of relief from the first moment of liberation. The SDF managed to liberate the city in 2015 and expelled the ISIS. Life is gradually becoming normal, and today the city is living a safe and free of terrorism by the efforts of the SDF and its honorable people after the black cloud was removed. The people of the city of Tel Abyad have worked to organize their city and the rehabilitation of all public buildings, especially schools and the requalification of cadres of education for the city’s schools, and providing mills and bakeries and the provision of fuel and electricity and the basics of life and livelihoods.

Tel Abyad (Grespi) became a safe shelter for the displaced and fleeing from their homes because of the ongoing war in Raqqa City and Deir al-Zour. Centers to meet the needs of citizens in the city were opened, such as (People’s House – Cultural Center – Municipality of the people – the internal security Forces _ Autonomy _ educational and medical centers) and these departments administered by the people of the region.



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