Tel Abyad and its countryside: 14 bakeries and 4 mills to serve the citizens during the control of the ISIS Tel Abyad Town

ISIS they stole the mills and bakeries and stripped them completely of equipment and machinery and even doors and windows suffered from their barbarism.

After the liberation by the SDF the town and after the formation of the local council in the town, it was a priority to supply mills and bakeries fully and to equip all of them with the necessary equipment and machines so that their work is completed in a way that they require nothing that hinders their work.

Mills are operated 24 hours to produce Flour and is distributed in all liberated areas of the northern countryside of Raqqa. The Mills and Bakeries Centre equipped four mills in Tel Abyad Town and its countryside, two of them are two in the town and two others are in al-Sakhrat Village in the countryside of Tel Abyad.

Kadeem Ibrahim mentioned that after liberation they had equipped the mills and bakeries to work properly to serve the people and to provide their needs from bread.

Kadeem said that they had distributed bread to the people for free for a week because they were in bad condition. Currently, he said that there were 14 bakeries 20 tons of flour daily according to the needs of the people.

 Kadeem also mentioned that their work is experiencing difficulties through the lack of spare parts and a specialized staff to maintain machines for some bakeries and mills.


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