The covered market is a commercial symbol for the people of Manbaj

The commercial movement is not interrupted by the city of Manbaj due to its strategic location between Aleppo and Raqqa, which allowed the activation of the trade sector.

 The biggest market in Manbaj is the main market or the covered market as the people of Manbaj call it because its prices are symbolic and accessible to all. For games and accessories, the covered market is a busy shop.

It was established in 1800 AD. In 1994, the people of Manbaj covered the market with borrowed plates. The market was 6 shops and now it has more than 650 shops.

This market is considered an old commercial center for the people of Manbaj and nearby areas This market activates the economic movement, especially in the early hours of the morning and witness a large turnout of the people of the city and the neighboring villages and is one of the tourist attractions of the city of Manbj and was a destination for tourists before the war, which is Syria as a cultural heritage and a symbol of ancient people Manbij.

And the destruction and burning part of it under the rule of mercenaries ISIS, but the people have restored and built better than before and returned to work normally.


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