The Electricity Committee Repair what it destroyed by ISIS


Electricity Committee of the Civil Council, headed by Eng. Mahmoud Mamo and members of the committee, the Engineer. Wail Al-Sheikh and engineer Ghassan Al-Omar, to view the status of high, medium and low tension lines, and found that there is damage to the lines, and the lack of network, poles, cables, because of terrorist acts.

Engineer Mahmoud Mamo explained that the lines in Ain Issa have been repaired by collective voluntary efforts by the committee and the electricity workers from the region, we have encountered difficulties in the rehabilitation of mines in some areas.

And that the rehabilitation of the 230 kV line between the Euphrates dam and Bir al-Hashim is being studied.

A large number of lines have been cut, in addition to a shortage of condoms and a destroyed electric tower.

Note that the line is of great importance, as it provides electricity supply to a large number of villages and feeds a number of drinking water and irrigation stations, including Al-Hashim station, Tel-Samen, Hishah and Kalata.

And that the power station Ain Issa was studied in detail, and it was noticed during the detection of loss of

In addition to cutting all the outlets cables that feed the ground transformers and the destruction of the protection




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