The northern front of the city of Raqqa is flaming

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a military statement which reads as follows:

since five days ago, our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, have launched a surprise campaign targeting mercenaries in the northern front of the city. This is the first time that our forces have launched a military campaign on this front. The terrorist organization has long believed that it will remain calm and vulnerable due to its size and diversity Residential and public buildings such as silos and grinders and behind it the location of the seventeenth band, which is itself a strategic military location.

The previous factors, in addition to the defensive fortifications that the mercenaries had taken, the heavy bombardments and the laying of mines, as well as the human shields on this front, made the terrorist organization believe that our forces would not be able to launch a military campaign on this front. Achieved with a record time and with minimal losses.

Our forces moved from the center of the sugar factory in the north of the city, smashed the fortifications of mercenaries and crossed the fields of mines and the military movement suddenly liberated the entire 17th brigade and the silos of the city of Raqqa. which the mercenaries lost initiative maneuver . And in the meantime killed a large number of mercenaries in these neighborhoods, and in this campaign, which lasted five days was able to our forces and their own units to liberate hundreds of civilian families and evacuate them to the safe areas, The neighborhoods of Tishreen, Rumaila, Al Rawda, and the mill were liberated. In the meantime, large numbers of mercenaries were killed in these neighborhoods.

With the completion of the liberation of the neighborhoods and facilities mentioned above, we can say that 80% of the city of Raqqa is liberated, and our forces complete the clearance of mines and pursue the remnants of terrorism in the rest of the area of ​​the city which is a battlefield for fighting and mercenaries who They take thousands of civilians as human shields, destroying the most basic values ​​of humanity by violating all divine laws..

In the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, we consider the igniting of the northern front of Raqqa after its long calm, part of the features of the general military plan to liberate al-Raqqa with the lowest losses and consider them as details of the final stages of Qazab ALForat campaign. , And we confirm that we continue to pursue the remnants of terrorism in all its names.





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