The Office of Organizations  a ppeals to humanitarian organizations to provide relief to the camp

The Office of Organizations in the Civil Council held a meeting with all the humanitarian organizations working in rural Raqqa to discuss the developments that took place after the campaign in Deir Azour due to the increasing number of displaced persons and the increasing pressure on Ain Issa camp.

Head of The Office of Organizations Abdulsalam Hamsourk welcomed attendees and the requirements of the organizations and the services that the organizations will provide when entering Al-Raqqa, which should focus on demining the city first, securing water and electricity as well as food for the people and rehabilitation of the community to a safe life away from the fear and psychological pressure they experienced during a period of intimidation and the preparation of the reconstruction of the city.

Hamsourk noted that the camp in Ain Issa accommodates in the normal situation (6) thousands displaced and currently the number of displaced people reached ten thousand and we are working to expand the camp in cooperation with humanitarian organizations to cover the large number we face through the influx of large numbers of displaced people from Deir Al-Azour Controlled by the regime.

Hamsourk appealed to medical organizations to intensify their efforts in the camp, especially the countryside, due to the presence of widespread skin diseases and epidemics, through the provision of anti-disease drugs spread and work to sterilize drinking water and periodic campaigns for children as the most affected in This war.



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