The opening of a women’s house in Al-Hayya village east of Manbaj city

As part of the efforts of the Women’s Council in the city of Manbij to organize women, a women’s house was opened in Al-Hayya district in the eastern Manbij countryside.

Manbaj Civil Council seeks to organize all the women in Manbaj and its suburbs.

In the presence of a large number of women, the Council opened a women’s house in Al-Hayya and attended the opening ceremony of the House Executive Vice-President of the Executive Council Jameela Ahmed and Nizifa Khalo,the Vice-President of the Legislative Council and members of the Women’s Committee in Manbj.

The opening began with a minute of silence for the souls of the lost ones. After that, the president of the Legislative Council gave a speech in which she praised the opening of the house and stressed the necessity of activating the role of women in society because the woman is the mother, sister, daughter and wife who always sacrifice and offer the means to build a developed and conscious society.

Khalo confirmed the need for women to participate in various political, intellectual, military and economic fields.

Amani al-Nana was chosen as the head of the house and three female members.



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