The split of two mercenary elements of Dara AL-Euphrates

The subordination of Dara AL-Euphrates to Turkey, which occupies the city of Jarabls and AL-bab and the result of the ill treatment of elements and civilians and the many clashes between the elements of the so-called Dara AL- Euphrates called two elements of Dara AL- Euphrates to split in coordination with the Council of Manbaj military

On Saturday, 23/9/2017, two members of the Sultan Murad mercenaries of the Ahrar-Munbj Brigade, under the banner of the so-called Dara AL-Euphrates, announced their dissent from Dara AL-Euphrates and surrendered themselves to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The two elements stressed that the reason for their dissent from Dara AL-Euphrates is the subordination of the Phalange leaders to the Turkish state and not to give importance to the elements and the ill treatment by the commanders of the elements in addition to the ill treatment for civilians, which led them to split in coordination with the forces of Syria’s democracy and the concerned parties, where their status was considered and facilitate their affairs after taking security measures.

The two elements of the city of Manbaj are Abdo Mohammed al-Suwayt and Mustapha Mohammed al-Suwayt.


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