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Tunnel of daesh was discovered in western  Al-Salhabia village

Tunnels are one of the basic means of war and concealment used by the daesh recently to avoid prosecution and direct clashes on the ground.

After the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the fourth stage of the Al-Furat rage campaign to liberate Raqqa city and its surroundings, the terrorist organization took the inhabitants out of the villages and drove them away and take the necessary fortifications to help manage this battle and prolong its life there.

Western Al-Salhabia, one of the western Raqqa villages, it was liberated on 20 May, and people returned to their homes immediately after liberation to spend the holy month of Ramadan in their homes. Life returned to normal. Everyone worked in his land and lived his normal life after the terror machine moved away.

Ahmad Ali Al-Shuli said that he was digging the foundations of his new home in his land, where discovered a tunnel under his land. The terrorist organization apparently dug it when the villagers were taken out. The villagers gathered to explore the tunnel which appeared to be the hiding place of three mercenaries who were still hiding. Where they clashed with them. The three were killed and buried in the village. It was found that the tunnel is 2 km long and connects the village to the neighboring Jederan village, which in turn leads to the Euphrates river bank.

The people of Al-Salhabia, who buried the three terrorists, buried with them fear of the power of terrorism and discovered that the resistance needed only a decisive decision to confront, and then victory comes.


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