Women of Asayish in the face of terrorism

Each entity has its own protection system to defend itself and to rid itself of the dangers it faces. This is the role of Asayish, who are keen to protect public security against ISIS attacks and other terrorist factions against citizens under the name “legitimate defense is prerogative for us” So that women had a big role in this system.

Idris Mohammed, Commander of the Internal Security Forces, confirmed that the General Command of the Internal Security Forces issued a statement clarifying the methods of absurd suicide bombers in the name of religion and how citizens should deal with them such as booby-trapped cars and motorcycles which caused the martyr of many innocent civilians.

 While the leadership in Assayish woman Afaf Shirani said that the work of Asayish was intensive scrutiny of all things this period cautious of the threats of terrorism, who intend to sabotage the joy of the Eid on the city of Ain Issa and ended the feast without exposing anyone to terrorist operations.

The most important aspect of the strong protection system of Asayish is the effective and necessary role of women in confronting all forms of external and internal aggression. Afaf stressed that women are the core nucleus that serves society in all its components, especially that the forces of Asayish women include all the components of the Kurdish and Arabs and other components that unite to defend the homeland and citizens.



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