Women’s House  in Ain Issa camp and its importance in the democratic society

Women are an important aspect of a democratic society. They have rights that are no different from men’s rights. There is no difference between men and women, especially in a democratic society. Women are the important link between leaders and the democratic society because they are important in all fields.

Hafeza Al-Yousef, who is in charge of the Women’s Freedom House in Ein Issa camp, said that we established the office a month ago. The nature of our work is resolving disputes and problems between women. Defending women becuase they were reserved for freedom are days of mercenaries, urging them out of their ignorance and educating them. And to overcome the difficulties of life.

The Committee consists of six members of the Committee in the reconciliation committee and the rest of the other committees. The most difficult situation facing women in the camp is their problems with their husbands. In order to alleviate their suffering, workshops were opened for sewing, hairdressing, literacy and employment in the organizations.

Umm Ahmed al-Homsi, the director of the reconciliation committee, said that my job is to raise the morale of women. Women face family problems such as a son who wants to leave his family or a husband and his wife to seek a divorce and reconcile them.

At the end of the talk, she appealed to the parties concerned to demand the right of childhood as we are losing many children in our war against terrorism.



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