Laila Mustafa: October 20 The new date for the people of Raqqa and the world

Laila Mustafa expressed her happiness at the liberation of Raqqa and blessed for Raqqa people to regain their city and hoped that all its people would return to it after cleaning the mines and removing the rubble.

In a tour of the Media Center on Raqqa Civil Council met Leila Mustafa, the joint president of Raqqa Civil Council

Mustafa emphasized that 20/10/2017 is the new and bright date for the people of the world. She also stressed that the Syrian society, in its cohesion and unity, has succeeded in defeating Dahesh, who posed the greatest threat to all the world’s people .

“We, as Raqqa Civil Council take it upon ourselves, as we promised everyone to hand over the city to its management, and we will fulfill that promise after the completion of our mission, which is the reconstruction of the city and the pulse of life in it again.

She also appealed to the humanitarian bodies and the international community to stand up to their responsibilities towards the city of Raqqa and accelerate the process of construction and reconstruction promised to alleviate the people who are still displaced from their city.



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