Homemanshet500 civilians were released in the evening from Raqqa city

500 civilians were released in the evening from Raqqa city

Qazab AL- Euphrates campaign within four months of the beginning of the battle to liberate the city of Raqqa won great victories on the organization of the terrorist advocate, where our forces so far managed to liberate the following neighborhoods:

“Al-Rumaila, Sugar, Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, Nazlah Shehadeh, Mashlab, Al-Wafra, Bayatrah, Al-Mahdah, Al-Mansour, Old Mosque, Al-Batani, Al Nahda  “

This area accounts for ninety percent of the entire city of Raqqa, while the remaining areas are occupied by the Kurds, the train, the Bard (AL-Houria), the Sokhani, the Bedouins, Andalusia. “.

In the Syrian Democratic Forces, we declare to the public that our forces have started the battle of Shahid  Adnan Abu Amjad, which aims to end the presence of the mercenaries of the terrorist organization inside the city after the efforts of the Civil Council of Raqqa defense and the dignitaries and sheikhs of Raqqa governorate succeeded in evacuating the remaining civilians from the city,ensure the surrender of 275 Of local mercenaries with their families.

The battle of the martyred martyr Adnan Abu Amjad will continue until the entire city is cleared of terrorists who refused to surrender, including foreign terrorists, and insisted on continuing their desperate fight against our heroic forces.

  Glory and immortality to our martyrs

Shame and shame of terrorism and its supporters

Leadership of the Euphrates Euphrates Operations Room

  15 October 2017


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