Abdul Razzqa, a Circassian fighter in special forces of civilian liberation

Since the start of the war between SDF and ISIS terrorists inside Raqqa, SDF has trained special forses for liberating the civilians who are made as a human shields by ISIS mercenaries. The main task for the trained forces is opening safe path for the civilians and taking them to the medical points.

Abdul Razzaq is a Circassian SDF figher from Derbasiyah city. He joined SDF due to ISIS brutal practices against the civilians in Raqqa and Dair Ezzor. Abdul Razzaq is one of the members in the special forces for liberating the civilians.

Razzaq said that we as special forces for liberating the civilian, we work hard to make safe path for the civilians after heavy clashes SDF and ISIS terrorists. He added ” we are always at contact point with the enemy to rescue the civilians”.

One of others tasks for those private forces is to make a safe corridor for the civilians during the night to avoid ISIS snipers who shoot at the civilians.

Razzaq also revealed that the specials forces make intense guarding shifts during the night because ISIS terrorists infiltrate between the civilians when we rescue them.


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